tournament rules



Welcome to Golfstream Tournaments presented by Golfstream Inc. (“Golfstream”) and MGM Grand Hotel, LLC (“MGM Grand”).

These are the rules and regulations for Golfstream Tournaments. You can find this information online at and on site at each Golfstream Tournament. To review the onsite copy, please ask the Tournament Operator.


Location and Tournament Operator

Golfstream and MGM Grand are hosting pay-to-play Golfstream Tournaments in Las Vegas, NV. Golfstream is registered with the Nevada Gaming Control Board as a tournament operator.  MGM Grand owns and operates the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas (“Hotel”).  The Golfstream Tournaments will be held in the Hotel at Golfstream’s first location within the Level Up Lounge, located between Hakkasan and the Race & Sports Book.


Acceptance of Rules

Please review the below Tournament Rules. If you choose to enter the Golfstream Tournaments, you will be agreeing by contract to the terms & conditions and rules set below. Please speak to a Tournament Operator if you have any questions/comments/concerns or email


Dates and Times

Golfstream Tournaments will be held on a recurring basis over a period of 1 to 5 hours, depending on the size of the tournament and game being played. For specifics on the Tournament dates and times, please refer to the website:


Age Verification

You must be at least 21 years old with a verifiable form of government issued, photo identification in order to participate in a Golfstream Tournament. By participating in a Golfstream Tournament, you agree to provide, if requested, proof of age, such as a valid driver’s license. If you do not have such identification available, or it is deemed to be expired or unacceptable by the venue or the Tournament Operator, you will be disqualified from the tournament.


Player Registration

Players are able to register for Golfstream Tournaments on site, at the Golfstream Suite at the Hotel.  Registration starts on the day of the tournament. Players are required to bring proof-of-age and payment (credit card or cash).


Player Availability

Players must remain in the general area of the tournament for the duration of the tournament in order to be called for their turn to play. Players must inform the Tournament Operators on site, before leaving, if they must leave for any reason, but it is the sole discretion of the Tournament Operator to allow or not allow for a delayed gameplay should the player not return prior to his or her name being called.  Subject to the foregoing, if a player’s name is called, and he or she does not answer within 2 minutes, the player will forfeit his or her turn and entry fee(s) and be disqualified from the tournament.


Media Release

In consideration of being allowed to participate, each player in a Golfstream Tournament hereby (a) grants to Golfstream and MGM Grand, and their respective parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates, and their respective advertising and marketing agencies and representatives; the perpetual, non-exclusive, and irrevocable license and permission, without payment of any royalty or any other consideration, to use, copy, distribute, publicly display, exhibit, edit, alter, create derivative works based on, publish, and use in any lawful commercial or non-commercial manner; his or her name, voice and likeness including, but not limited to, in or through photographs, video recordings and/or electronic images and including, but not limited to, in any and all of their publications, including website entries (collectively, the “Materials”), (b) understands and agrees that such Materials will become the property of such organization(s) using them and will not be returned, (c) waives the right to inspect or approve any such Materials, and (d) holds harmless and forever releases and discharges all such organizations from all claims, demands, and causes of action which such player, and/or his or her heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, beneficiaries, or any other persons acting on his or her behalf or on behalf of his or her estate, has or may at any time have by reason of this authorization.


Terms & Conditions

Players agree to the following terms and conditions as stipulations for gameplay. If a player is found to be in violation of any of the below items, then he or she is immediately disqualified from the game and forfeits his or her entry fee:

  1. All payments of entry fees are non-refundable.
  2. The Tournament Operator is the authority for the outcome of the actions, games and tournaments, and subject to this paragraph, its decisions are final and binding.  Any unresolved dispute arising as a result of the decision of the Tournament Operator will, as applicable, be resolved pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes 463.361 - 463.366 and Nevada Gaming Commission Regulation 7A.
  3. Employees and/or relatives of Golfstream or MGM Resorts International®, their subsidiaries, affiliates, or advertising agencies or representatives, are ineligible to participate in the Golfstream Tournaments.
  4. Tournament Operator reserves the right to cancel or change a Golfstream Tournament at its sole discretion and without prior notice.
  5. Failure to adhere to these Golfstream Tournament rules or any Golfstream Tournament procedures or policies may result in disqualification.
  6. Players agree to avoid collusion or the appearance of collusion with other players.
  7. Players agree not to conduct or appear to conduct illegal activities, including, but not limited to, fraud.
  8. No side-bets (whether for cash or anything else of value) are allowed to be made in connection with a Golfstream Tournament (whether by, or between, players, spectators and/or others), and the discovery of any such side-bets will result in the immediate ejection of the person(s) involved (and, with regard to any player(s) involved, disqualification and the forfeiture of entry fees as provided for above).
  9. Players agree to conduct themselves in a proper manner, treating the Tournament Operators, Caddies, fans and other players with respect and avoiding real or implied threats, bullying or perceived negative behavior.
  10. The Tournament operator will maintain records of the tournaments, including type, date, number of entries, amount and/or value of entry fees, total prize pool and the amount and/or value of each winning category.  These records will be available for review by registered players after the event and upon request. 


Rules for Tournament Type: Putting Challenge

  • All players pay an entry fee to start.
  • Each player fills in the Player Signup and Payout Form with his or her contact information.
  • The Tournament Operator closes the tournament entries after all available slots are filled or the Round 1 end time has been reached.
  • The Tournament Operator announces the number of players in the tournament and the fixed prize payouts for each prized finishing position.
  • The Tournament Operator calls out each player, who has 2 minutes to report to the Golfstream Suite for their turn.
  • Players are allowed one “rebuy” or re-entry into the tournament, for which they must go the Tournament Registration desk and pay an additional entry fee. Players must “rebuy” before the Round 1 end time has been reached.
  • Round 1: Each player plays the “Around the World” game at Golfstream, which is a 30 second putting challenge. Each player’s score is kept, including the time their last putt scored.
  • USGA rules apply for each player’s regarding putting stance, equipment and action. As long as the ball has left the putter head before the expiration of the clock, the putt will count (similar to NBA basketball rules at the end of quarters). Each player’s score is kept, including the time their last putt scored.
  • Advancing to Round 2: The top 4 scores from Round 1 advance to Round 2. In the case of ties, the player with the most time left on the clock when their last putt scored.. In the case of a tie on timing, there is playoff wherein each participant plays one more round. If there is another tie, there is a coin-flip contest amongst the tied players to see who advances.
  • Round 2 / Semi-Finals: The 4 remaining players move onto the Semi-Finals. The same tie-breaking procedure as listed above is applicable.
  • Semi-Finals: The 4th place finisher in Round 1 plays “Around the World”. The higher score advances to the finals. Then the 3rd place finisher in Round 1 plays “Around the World”. Then the 2nd place finisher in Round 1 plays “Around the World”. Lastly the 1st place finisher in Round 1 plays “Around the World”. The same tie-breaking procedure as listed above is applicable.
  • Finals: The 2nd place performer from the Semi-Finals plays “Around the World”, then 1st place finalist plays “Around the World”. The higher score is declared the winner. If there is a tie, the contest between the two finalists is run again, with the starting position switched to the 1st place finisher in the semi-finals. If there is another tie, the same tie-breaking procedure as listed above is applicable.
  • Once the order of finishing is decided, the Tournament Operator announces the winner and payouts.
  • The Tournament Operator pays the winners their prize.
  • Winners fill out the Player Signup and Payout Form, acknowledging receipt of their winnings.


Entry Fee and Rebuys

  • The Entry Fee for this tournament is $20.
  • All players are allowed 1 (one) “rebuy” or re-entry for the same amount as the Entry Fee, $20.
  • “Rebuys” must occur before Round 1 end time has been reached.
  • Players must go to the Tournament Registration Desk to fill out a new Player Registration Form to “rebuy”.
  • If a player “rebuys”, only their top score is counted for the purposes of advancement and prizing. A player can only advance once from the First Round to the Semi-Finals.
  • There are no “rebuys” allowed in the Semi-Finals or Finals.


Prizing and Payout

  • Tournaments will be capped at 20 players with 20 rebuys.
  • Payouts will be as follows:
    • 1st Place:  $200
    • 2nd Place:  $50
    • 3rd and 4th Places:  $25 each


Date & Time of Tournaments

  • Tournaments will start on Friday, June 30 and Saturday, July 1, 2017, at 8pm and 10pm on both days.
  • Registration will open 1 hour before each tournament starts.
  • Entries and rebuys will stop being allowed/collected 1 hour after the tournament starts. For example, the tournament starting on Friday at 8pm will not collect entries or rebuys after 9pm.
  • The Semi-Finals and Finals will start 1 hour 15 minutes after the tournament starts. For example, the tournament starting on Friday at 8pm will have the Semi-Finals starting at at 9:15pm, followed immediately by the Finals.